Professional Network Membership

Join CRC for ED’s Professional Network
Carolina Resource Center for Eating Disorders has a diverse and growing network of therapists and dietitians working with individuals impacted by eating disorders.  If you are a provider with experience in treating eating disorders, we invite you to join our network.  We also welcome providers and other support specialists with limited experience and an interest in specializing in this area to apply for membership to obtain additional training, experience, and networking within the community.

Benefits include:

  • Communication from CRC for ED about events, conferences, continuing education, and more.
  • Access to the Professional Member Google Group to communicate with other eating disorders  professionals.
  • Inclusion in CRC for ED’s website Treatment Directory. Receive direct referrals from CRC for ED when appropriate.
  • Practice information included in CRC for ED’s resource area and provided by email/scan, mail, or phone to people who request treatment referrals from our Helpline. Please keep this information current.
  • Discount for our Annual HEAL Conference and any other professional development programming.
  • Inclusion in professional networking opportunities – primarily collaborative networking events with our treatment center partners. We will continue to offer this in coordination with our HEAL Conference and other times during the year that work well for our treatment center partners.
  • Recognition as an eating disorders clinician and official professional network member

Please return the completed form to [email protected] with the subject line:  Professional Membership and mail payment by check to Carolina Resource Center for Eating Disorders (see address below in the footer or on our contact page).  Upon receipt of signed forms and payment, we will reach out to obtain materials for our resource area and information for placement in our online Directory of Professional Providers.
2024 Professional Member Renewal Form