Coveney, Katy Perkins – LCSW-S

Regardless of family structure, gender identity, sexual orientation, religion, race, or other minority identity, you are welcome. Though it’s up to you to determine whether I meet the definition of ‘ally’, I strive to provide a welcoming, inclusive, safe space for all, and view therapy through a social justice lens. My specialties are family separation […]

Berry, Leah – LCMHCS, LCAS, CEDS-S

My name is Leah Berry, and I’m a counselor, addiction specialist, and eating disorder specialist. I enjoy working with adolescents and adults and specialize in treating eating disorders, body image challenges, substance use disorders, trauma and PTSD, mood disorders, and anxiety disorders. I’m passionate about working with people who feel misunderstood, experience multiple mental health […]

Rutledge, Caroline – MA, LCMHC, LCASA, NCC

Caroline is a licensed clinical mental health counselor dedicated to helping others move beyond challenges and pain of past experiences in order to live a productive, authentic, and hope-filled life. Through individual and group counseling, she strives to create a safe and affirming environment through a trauma-informed lens for clients to explore their authentic selves. […]

McAllister, Laurea Glusman – MSW, M.Div, LCSW, CEDS-S

I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker specializing in relationship issues, life transitions, spiritual issues, eating disorders, depression, anxiety, women’s issues, and recovery from trauma or abuse. I take a relational approach to my work, as I believe that the therapeutic relationship is a key tool to building change. I have particular training in theology and gender studies, that […]

Prakken, Katherine A. – Ph.D.

I am a clinical psychologist with 25+years experience in the eating disorder field. I work with individuals and couples and treat eating disorders as well as anxiety, depression, trauma, and ADHD. I particularly enjoy working with women and women’s issues. My work with eating disorders is informed by biological, environmental, and cultural perspectives. I am […]

Meyer, Heather Patterson – Psy.D., LP, HSP-P

Dr. Heather Patterson Meyer is a licensed psychologist and currently serves as the President of the North Carolina Chapter of International Association of Eating Disorders Professionals (IAEDP).  Heather’s clinical work is grounded in a relational psychodynamic framework that utilizes a warm, caring therapeutic experience as a vehicle to help individuals identify and dissolve obstacles preventing […]

Umstead, Lindsey – PhD, LCMHC, NCC, CEDS

Dr. Lindsey Umstead is a Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor, National Certified Counselor, and Certified Eating Disorders Specialist. She provides individual and group counseling and family coaching to clients at Three Birds Counseling and Supervision, PLLC, using an integrative approach that is trauma-informed, fat-positive, queer-affirming, and evidence-based. Lindsey also teaches and provides clinical supervision to […]

Sullivan, Jackie – MSW, LCSW

I’m passionate about working with people who wish to heal from trauma, disordered eating, and body image issues. My approach is warm, compassionate, and somatically oriented. I enjoy supporting clients in rekindling a sense of safety and connection with their bodies, as well as unwinding the stories that may have created a disconnect in the […]

CAS Counseling Psychotherapy Associates

CAS Counseling Psychotherapy Associates is a premier therapy practice specializing in the treatment of eating disorders.  The longest standing of its kind in North Carolina, our expertly trained, passionate clinicians will support and guide you along the journey of eating disorder recovery.  We approach eating disorders from a wholistic perspective and honor the symptoms as […]

Myers, Lauren – LCMHC, LCAS

Now may be the time for you to start believing that you deserve a life worth living and perhaps in today’s age, that may feel very hard to do. There are so many messages and information constantly being thrown at us, which may make it seem like we don’t understand ourselves…right now. Lack of understanding […]