Myers, Lauren – LCMHC, LCAS

Now may be the time for you to start believing that you deserve a life worth living and perhaps in today’s age, that may feel very hard to do. There are so many messages and information constantly being thrown at us, which may make it seem like we don’t understand ourselves…right now. Lack of understanding leads to feelings, behaviors, and relationship patterns that cause suffering. I help guide you to sort things out – carefully and respectfully. You can then use that understanding to make the changes you feel are necessary and meaningful. I genuinely and compassionately care about helping people and meeting them where they are while gently moving forward with their goals.

I enjoy working with young adult clients that are struggling with identity and showing up in an authentic way that aligns with their values. Clients that are having concerns related to body image, eating disorders/disordered eating, substance use, trauma, depression, and anxiety and/or those who are in recovery; since more times than not these are all intertwined and connected. I am excited to figure these things out together! I am currently seeing clients in person and virtually.

Modalities: Integrative, ACT, Relational, Brainspotting, Health At Every Size, and Embodied Recovery
Location: Asheville, NC & Virtual
Insurance Accepted: BCBS, United, Aetna, Cigna, Friday Health & private pay
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