Losacco, Melanie – MS, SEP | Embodiment Coach

As an Embodiment Coach, I help fat folx learn how to be more present, grounded and connected to their bodies so they can navigate a world where there’s no room for them. For us fat folx, it’s difficult to feel present in our bodies when the world is not a safe place for us. Embodiment Coaching works with somatic inquiry to help you connect to your body’s sensations and inner experience. Along with learning techniques to gain body awareness, sessions can also include: challenging and reframing thoughts, beliefs and ideas rooted in diet culture; role playing to help navigate difficult situations or conversations with medical professionals or family members and helping you to set goals that are achievable with the body you have right now and not dependent on weight loss.

Modalities: Somatic Experiencing, Health at Every Size
Location: Asheville, NC & Virtual
Insurance Accepted: Private pay
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