Laureate Eating Disorders Program

Laureate is a small, relationship-based Eating Disorders Program in Tulsa, Oklahoma for girls and women with eating disorders and their co-occurring psychiatric and medical conditions.
Our program is designed for small, personal interactions, and each therapist has a 1:3 therapist to patient caseload throughout all levels of care.  In our program, therapists engage with patients for six to eight hours per day in individual, family and group therapy.  Additionally, our therapists and dieticians share meals with patients in the dining room.
At Laureate, we have separate tracks for adolescents and adults, and patients keep the same therapist, dietitian, and psychiatrist throughout treatment to maintain uninterrupted therapeutic relationships.  As a not-for-profit program, Laureate continuously reinvests in staff and facilities.
Specialties: Highly individualized eating disorder treatment program specializing in eating disorders and co-occurring psychiatric and medical conditions, such as diabetes, bipolar disorder, OCD, PTSD, depression and anxiety. Laureate has a boutique style therapy approach with intensive psychotherapy and 40 hours of therapist-led group, individual and family therapy each week. Laureate accommodates patients of all cultural and religious backgrounds.
Insurance Accepted: Laureate is in network with all major insurances and can offer single case agreements.
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