Granfors, Mary – Certified Eating Disorder Recovery Coach

Mary Granfors is a Certified Eating Disorder Recovery Coach, CCIEDC 2052, trained at the Carolyn Costin Institute.

Coaching differs from therapy, yet both serve a vital purpose in recovery!

For Individuals: Coaching focuses on the “how and now.” How can I help you combat your eating disorder voice when you sit down to have your snack today? How can I help you participate in a social event without using eating disorder symptoms?  How can I help you have a successful experience right now?  My job as coach is to support you to deal with current thoughts and behaviors when it comes to recovery rather than trying to resolve underlying issues or larger psychological problems.  Working together as peers – through collaboration, compassion and connection – we can tailor sessions to meet you where you are, while setting a pace that works for you. No one can make you get better, but I hope I can help you to see that getting better is something you want to do, and can do.

For Parents/Caregivers: Coaching can help you: understand the illness from your loved ones perspective, align with the healthy self of your loved one, recognize what supports and what sabotages recovery, understand the role and impact of the eating disorder on others, communicate from a place of love and not fear, and most importantly, carve out time for your own self care, because the better you can care for yourself, the better you can care for your loved one. And because I’ve been there and I know you are going through the toughest of times, I serve as your kind and trusted companion, providing hope and confidence.

Always remember: Recovery is possible no matter where you are in your journey.

Modalities: Eating Disorder Recovery Coaching for both individuals in recovery and for parents/caregivers supporting their loved ones.
Location: Asheville, NC & Virtual
Insurance Accepted: Private pay and some sliding scale slots available, please inquire.
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