Goldsmith, Annie – RD, LDN

My interest in the field of nutrition is born of my insatiable curiosity about the human condition; our eating habits live at the intersection of our biology and psychology, and I deeply believe that how we eat is a window into our humanity. I hold an undergraduate degree from the University of Rochester in Brain and Cognitive Sciences and attended Winthrop University for my graduate coursework in human nutrition. Upon receiving licensure I spent some time working as a clinical dietitian in a hospital setting, but quickly discovered a passion for connecting with clients in individual nutrition counseling work. I founded my private practice, Second Breakfast Nutrition, in 2015; our practice philosophy is rooted in weight-inclusive, somatically oriented, and trauma informed care.

In recent years I have become increasingly interested in supporting clients who have eating disorders that co-occur with CPTSD and dissociative disorders such as OSDD and DID. Many people with dissociative disorders do not respond to traditional forms of ED care. They often become labeled as “treatment resistant” and cycle in and out of treatment centers, increasingly frustrated that the interventions that are supposed to help simply do not. I have specialized training in somatically integrative, trauma-informed and attachment-based treatment modalities that offer a different path for folks for whom  traditional approaches have not been effective.

Modalities: Weight-inclusive care, Intuitive Eating, eating disorders, chronic dieting recovery, Somatically-Informed Nutrition Therapy, diabetes, and Family Feeding
Location: Charlotte, NC
Insurance Accepted: BCBS
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