Elder, Melissa – LCSW

Melissa is the owner of Deeper Roots Therapy, a somatic, trauma-informed practice in Charlotte, NC. Melissa’s focus is on reconnecting clients with their bodies by attuning to and strengthening nervous system safety, processing trauma and developing embodied and mindful eating. Melissa’s background includes training in the Embodied Recovery model, somatic therapies (Sensorimotor and Somatic Experiencing), as well as expertise in the Safe and Sound Protocol (SSP) and Brainspotting. Deeper Roots Therapy is a group practice of clinicians focused on eating, anxiety, depression, chronic pain, sensory processing and sexuality.

Modalities: Somatic Therapies, Brain Spotting, Embodied Recovery, and Trauma Processing.
Location: Charlotte, NC and Virtual
Insurance Accepted: BCBS and Private Pay
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