Earnhardt, Jamie – LCMHC

I enjoy working with people who are SICK AND TIRED of being at war with their bodies. My clients are smart and feeling folx who want to stop thinking about food and body stuff so much and who want to start taking up more space in their own lives. I love supporting clients in working through issues around body dissatisfaction, chronic/yo-yo dieting, compulsive eating, binge eating, effects of weight stigma, shame, anxiety, boundaries, and perfectionism.

My work is relational and feminist oriented, grounded in Health at Every Size, body liberation, intersectionality, systems, and is fat positive.

I also run an 8-week class where we practice real skills and tools to develop a kinder relationship to food and your body.

Please note: I am predominantly telehealth for the foreseeable future

Modalities: Health at Every Size, Embodied Recovery, Internal Family Systems, and ACT.
Location: North Carolina, Virtual
Insurance Accepted: Self pay
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