Donatelli, Leah – MA, LCMHCA, NCC, RYT

I provide individual psychotherapy and embodiment work virtually to highly sensitive, high functioning human beings struggling with negative body image, disordered eating patterns, eating disorders, nervous system dysregulation, self alignment challenges, and burnout. I’m passionate about helping humans create a sustainable path towards nourishing the body and bringing about its wisdom, breaking down the internalized “shoulds”, and liberating the body from unsustainable ideals. My work is an invitation to connect to the body and its messages in a nurturing way in order to increase the capacity for ease and pleasure, becoming deeply attuned to the inner self. I see therapy that is rooted in being positively embodied as a route to getting out of survival mode and into relationships that fully align with one’s values and beliefs, a path to understanding how to care for one’s needs and desires to exist in a state of calm and clarity, and a means to reconnecting to what gives life passion, purpose, and meaning. It is my desire for clients to have a peaceful relationship with food and the bravery to advocate on behalf of their body and other’s bodies, naturally reaching for rest, care, safe people, a connection to themselves, and perhaps orienting their life towards something bigger than the individual self.

Modalities: Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Embodiment Theory, Polyvagal Theory, Internal Family Systems, Health at Every Size, Mindfulness-based
Location: I am located in Asheville, NC. All sessions are conducted virtually with clients throughout the state of North Carolina.
Insurance Accepted: Out of network, private pay
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