Cuthbertson, Ceara Calloway – LCSW

The term “eating disorder” can feel scary. In the beginning, clients typically tell me they can’t stop thinking about food. They’re finding a large part of their day is dedicated to their next meal. They miss out on time with loved ones because the concern of what they will “be able” to eat is too strong. A lot of my clients find themselves in a dieting spiral. They “do good” for a while, and then they binge later, leading to feelings of shame and guilt. Most have heard confusing things about bodies throughout their lives.

After some hard work and difficult conversations, these clients get their lives back. They stop thinking about food as much, they see their bodies as neutral, and they take back control of their lives. The time they used to spend thinking about food and exercise is replaced with meaningful memories with friends and family.

My practice is deeply rooted in the Health at Every Size framework, intuitive eating, and the belief that all bodies are good bodies. I am licensed in both North Carolina and Ohio, and I currently provide virtual therapy for individuals in both states. My style of therapy involves a lot of humor, open mindedness, focusing on strengths, and providing feedback. My clients can expect a listening ear, a confidential space, and a therapist who wants to see them develop into the best possible version of themselves.

Modalities: ACT, Health at Every Size, Strength Based, and CBT
Location: Boone, NC & Virtual
Insurance Accepted: BCBS, out of network and self pay
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