Coveney, Katy Perkins – LCSW-S

Regardless of family structure, gender identity, sexual orientation, religion, race, or other minority identity, you are welcome. Though it’s up to you to determine whether I meet the definition of ‘ally’, I strive to provide a welcoming, inclusive, safe space for all, and view therapy through a social justice lens. My specialties are family separation trauma (adult adoptees), disordered eating, sexual and domestic violence recovery, childhood trauma, family secrets, and oppression & discrimination. Many of my clients struggle with shame, perfectionism, restriction, fat stigma, narcissistic families, child and adulthood sexual abuse, childhood orphanage experiences, search and reunion, and DNA discoveries.

I’m an adopted person (reunited 25 years), someone who’s experienced burnout and body image/disordered eating issues, and someone who’s gotten through it with deep and extensive self-care, reflection, and big life transitions. I get it – change is hard, but you already have what you need within you to make it happen.

Katy is the CEO and Clinical Director of FindSelf Counseling, providing professional training, therapy, case consultation and policy analysis in TX, CO, FL, NC, and VA. FindSelf Counseling employs emergent professionals who wish to specialize in trauma, disordered eating, oppression, and family separation. Adult clients only at this time.

Modalities: Acceptance & Commitment, Health at Every Size, DBT, CBT, Systems, Feminist, Psychodynamic, Attachment, EMDR, Trauma Informed, Clinical Supervision, Intuitive Eating
Location: In person services available in Fayetteville, and telehealth available throughout NC. Also licensed (for telehealth) in CO, FL, TX, VA
Insurance Accepted: Private pay
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