Bruton, Rachael – LCSW

Rachael is passionate about working with adults who live with ADHD, complex trauma, depression, disordered eating/body image struggles (especially folx in larger bodies), and grief/loss.  Rachael believes in assisting her clients in the process of being relieved of their past burdens and traumas and finding reconnection with their inner healing intelligence/intuition (which is often lost when we are deep in an eating disorder). She herself  is larger bodied and lives with ADHD and utilizes her lived experiences to assist other “ADHDers” to decrease shame and empower the identity that can be held from being neurodivergent. Rachael provides Ketamine Assisted Therapy (KAP) at her office in AVL and virtually for NYS folx. KAP has powerful potential to assist with immediate symptom relief, deep introspection, and can enhance our overall connection to self and the divine!

Modalities: Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy, Internal Family System, Progressive Counting, Health at Every Size, Psychedelic Preparation & Integration
Location: Asheville, NC & virtual for NC and NY
Insurance Accepted: Aetna, United, and Private Pay
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