Annable, Breese Dr. – PsyD, CEDS-S

Eating disorders can be all-consuming, exhausting, and leave you feeling out of control.

I believe that insight into our problems is essential – that’s for sure – but it’s often not enough. A lot of times we continue to struggle because we just don’t have the skills needed to change. I help people who struggle with all types of eating disorders learn the tangible skills to have more choice and control over your thoughts, emotions, and behaviors. Learning these skills can make the difference between your emotions dictating your life or you finally being in the drivers seat.

In addition to eating disorders, I also love working with people who are ready to stop dieting and finally find freedom with food and their body. I also specialize in treating emotional sensitivity and reactivity, anxiety disorders, and OCD. I use evidence- based approaches including Health At Every Size/Intuitive Eating, DBT, exposure/response prevention, mindfulness, and compassion based therapy.

My approach to therapy works best for people who want to work between sessions and want an active, engaged, and structured style of therapy. My style is genuine, validating, and lighthearted while also being focused and direct. I see myself as your partner in making changes that have long felt impossible finally happen!

Modalities: DBT, Exposure and Response Prevention, and Health at Every Size
Location: Asheville, NC
Insurance Accepted: Private pay/out of network
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